While farming is one of the oldest practices in the world, food production has been reeling under controversies. While technology is rapidly changing the environment we live, adoption of the same by the agrarian community has not been that encouraging.
Is it because the traditional farmers are averse to adopting technology or solution providers are not designing applications of utmost importance? Is it because the technology is aimed at urban farmers only leaving the traditional farmers  in the lurch?

                        While many assumptions would continue to be made, nevertheless, change is inevitable.With increasing consumption and food shortage, agriculture will evolve and enabled by technology across the globe. And we wanted to play a small part in it. Thus, Krishitantra was born. krishi (ˈkrɪʃiː) [Hindi] – Agriculture; tantra/ˈtantrə [Sanskrit] –  Principle/doctrine
                           We are a social impact start-up, where we want farmers to “harvest happiness” which encompasses all. Born in an agrarian country, where agriculture sector employs more than 50% of the total workforce and 17-18% to the country’s GDP, the founders of the company witnessed it all. Instead of turning a blind eye to the low productivity in agriculture, the founders have chosen to find a solution that would have a positive impact on the farming community.
Our efforts are aimed towards identifying most critical challenges the agrarian community (especially the traditional farmers) is facing and developing tools and applications to address them. Yet, we strive to achieve the most needed, most affordable and most efficient systems, which is desperately required and easy to use by the farmers. This is our mission and vision too.

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