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About Us

Krishitantra (M/s Klonec automation systems Pvt ltd) is an Agri-tech startup specializing in soil technology, farm data acquisition, and related cloud services by building disruptive solutions for soil analysis using cutting-edge technologies.

Our mission is to revolutionize agriculture with technology and provide the tools necessary for a more sustainable future.

Our vision at Krishitantra is to make the wealth of agricultural and soil insights accessible with a single touch



Founded Krishitantra, Incubation with Intel


Acceleration Program with Bosch India

pH & EC Monitoring


IIMK Incubation, IIT-SINE Incubation

pH & EC Monitoring



IIT-SINE seed funding, Indigram incubation, incubation with sandbox for startup, started developing KRISHIRASTAA


Indigram Labs foundation, IIMK, NABVENTURES Fund 1, Omnivore partners India Fund 1

Patent applied, Seed funding from NABVENTURES Fund 1,and Omnivore Partners India Fund 1


NABVENTURES Fund 2, Omnivore Partners India Fund 2

Soil Nutrient Mapping of Telangana State under NeGPA GOI, Second patent applied


IIT-SINE, CCAMP, NABVENTURES and Omnivore Secondary investment

Digital India Award, Patent grant for 1st patent application, MOU signed with ICAR - IIRR for joint innovation development, Soil Healthcard Scheme digitization for Ministry of Agriculture GOI, Licensing of Technology to HiMedia Lab Pvt Ltd

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