About us

On the coastal belt of western India, based in the temple city (Udupi) of Karnataka, a team of young engineers have been working relentlessly since 2017 to address global challenges looming over agriculture.
A decisive attribute in farming is soil. Third of earth’s soil is acutely degenerated, partly due to industrial farming and lack of imprudent practice by farmers. In characteristic foresight, where soil being the next impoverished resource hampering food production, food security, microbial diminution, ecological imbalance and climate resilience, team Krishitantra classified soil as the paramount of agrarian crisis that needs full-blown attention. At Krishitantra, we bring farmers deep insights and advanced levels of understanding regarding the health of their soil. Our automation finesse and engineering proficiency abetted the team at Krishitantra contrive the world’s best and affordable soil health testing solution.
Nutrient imbalances in the living soil is identified through our proprietary design, which employs automated sequencing process to index and quantify macro, micro and secondary nutrients in sync with time tested soil sampling techniques. The data obtained is immediately decoded and a comprehensive analysis is provided to the farmer on the spot through mobile network, along with agronomical recommendations that can be customized, suggesting various corrective measures to enhance productivity and farmer well-being.


Sandeep Kondaji, Founder & CEO

An astute businessman and serial entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience, SandeepKondaji specialised in instrumentation engineering under the penumbra of Visvesvaraya Technological University. He kicked off his career inthe Middle East, where he began his entrepreneurial journey in telematics. His interest in sustainable energy and consulting experienceon green buildings, prompted him to devote his knowledge and efforts towards solving global challenges in agriculture. Taking pride in his lineage of agrarians and armed with a strong technical background, his aspirations were duty-bound towards working out a fix for the adversity of farmer woes. Sandeep hobnobbed with two of his associates and found “Krishitantra” inspiring the start-up with the intention of bringing happiness to the farmers.

Dr. Vishnu Prasada Bhat, Co-Founder & CTO

Hailing from a devout upbringing and equipped with a PhD in Electronics with more than a decades experience in the field, Vishnu is a man of few words with a forte for inventiveness. Spearheading research and development, the team under his wing, relentlessly works towards engineering state-of-art technologies and products to address the most demanding and compelling problems in agriculture. Apart from inheriting agriculture tract and traditional knowledge from his descendants, he is passionate about bringing happiness to farmers by integrating technology and farming.

Anand B R, Co-Founder &COO

After a long stint of 16+ years with global IT giants in India’s Silicon Valley, Anand’s unconventional entry into agriculture has been an awe-inspiring journey. Delving into hydroponics at a time when it was nascent, he left no stone unturned to become well-versed in his chosen field. One can reckon his agronomy competence through his consulting practice. Backed by a graduation in Chemistry and empiric knowledge in farming with rich experience in sales, he holds scientific farming in high esteem. While stewarding operations at Krishitantra, he strives towards bringing happiness to farmers by transforming their approach towards scientific farming by introducing modern state-of-art tools and technologies.


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Dr Michael Crawford
Prof Keyoor Purani


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