DOSEiON EC & pH Controller and Dosing System

DOSEiON EC & pH Controller and Dosing System

Doseion u2013 EC & pH controller

Now monitor and control your EC and pH automatically and provide your plants the required nutrition along with maintaining pH levels of the water. Doseion sensors monitors EC and pH in real-time and also controls the pump attached to deliver the nutrients and pH balance.

Doseion can be used with mobile APP both on Andriod & iOS platform.

0 u2013 5 miliSiemens / CM

0-60 Celsius

240/110V 50/60 Hz with universal plugs

2 Relay output for Nutrients and 1 Relay output for pH dosing and 1 relay output for Mixer

Bluetooth 2.0

Peristaltic Pump 600 ml/Min, 20 ml/min, 1000 ml/min

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