Fulfill your farms PH & EC requirements with ease

Accuracy: +/- 10%

EC-PH-Controller without pump and mixer relay output,
12v, 2 Amps power supply adapter, EC, Temperature & PH sensor probe, user manual.

Low power consumption, <0.1 Amps

Nutrient, dosing systems for simple & economical control.
User can set the following features.
1. Sensing rate.
2. EC Higher Threshold.
3. EC Lower Threshold.
4. PH Higher Threshold.
5. PH Lower Threshold.
6. Pump Relay settings for PH & EC
7. Mixer on time (mixer can be aerator or submersible pump selected by customer).
8. User calibration option for standard EC 1.5uS/cm solution and 2.0 PH Solution.
9. Factory reset.

How many Nutrient tanks and Ph dosing pumps can be used?
You can use upto 2 different Nutrient tanks and 1 each dosing for acid and base respectively to dose.

Is sensor included?
Yes, Krishitantra's dosing unit comes with gold coated EC Sensor for long life and industrial grade PH sensor.
What is the life of EC-Sensor?
We recommend to replace the EC-Sensor every 6 months.

Can i calibrate the sensor?
Yes, you can perform the calibration using the onboard option or also through our mobile application.

Is power supply required?
Yes, standard 120/240 VAC supply is required.