The worlds low cost Nutrient Dosing equipment is here.

Accuracy: +/- 10%

EC-doser with two pumps and mixer relay output,
12v, 2 Amps power supply adapter, EC sensor probe, user manual.

Low power consumption, <0.1 Amps

Nutrient, dosing systems for simple & economical control.
User can set the following features.
1. Sensing rate.
2. EC higher threshold.
3. EC lower threshold.
4. Nutrition A pump on time.
5. Nutrition B pump on time.
6. Mixer on time (mixer can be aerator or submersible pump selected by customer).
7. User calibration option for standard EC 1.5uS/cm solution.
8. Factory reset.

How many Nutrient tanks can be used?
You can use upto 2 different Nutrient tanks to dose.

Is sensor included?
Yes, Krishitantra's dosing unit comes with gold coated EC Sensor for long life.
What is the life of EC-Sensor?
We recommend to replace the EC-Sensor every 6 months.

Can i calibrate the sensor?
Yes, you can perform the calibration using the onboard option or also through our mobile application.

Is power supply required?
Yes, standard 120/240 VAC supply is required.